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Iroquois County ‘public comment’ policy heads back to committee

The 'public comment' section of Iroquois County Board meetings seems to have been worked out, but the matter's going back to the policy & procedure committee.

No action was taken Tuesday on the new public comment guidelines. The Board is addressing what's become, at times, lengthy sessions at meetings. The Policy & Procedure committee has worked at trying to move meetings along.

Board Chairman Kyle Anderson said the intent isn't to limit the public from coming in; it's to try to stick to the point at what's going on. He said we don't have a lot of comments, but a policy isn't a bad idea.

State's Attorney Jim Devine has OK'd guidelines that would limit comments to 5-minutes per person but the chairman could allow more time, if needed. A total time-period of 30 minutes for public comment would be part of the agenda.

The Board encourages comments to be relevant to the meeting agenda. Board members are not obligated to respond to any comment or questions.

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Vermilion County Board votes to limit public comment, public cries foul

Allowing people a voice in their government is the issue pressed in Vermilion County. Citizens are objecting after the County Board decided Tuesday evening to limit comments from the public at meetings to three minutes each, instead of five.

The new rule will find the public comment section of meetings limited to 30 minutes.

The Board's legal advisor said it just controls the time. Bill Donahue said the average person can get their point across in 3 minutes. A total of 30 minutes for public comment is adequate and more people can be heard with the 3-minute limit.

Donahue said the public can also submit comments or questions in writing by email, in-person, or by dropping it off at the county board office.

Vincent Koers of Danville resident Vince Koers said 'It's a sense of frustration because there is no other way to talk to the board ...other than the time that you give them. So cutting it down to 3 or even 1 minute you're destroying the purpose of the way government is supposed to work in Vermilion County.''

Despite objections the rule change was approved with 15 – 5. Five members were absent.

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AFSCME contract OK’d in Iroquois County

Early problems with "no lay-off language" in a contract for AFSCME employees in Iroquois County were resolved. And—the County Board Tuesday approved its new contract with the employees represented by the American Federation of State, County & Municipal Employees union.

Weeks of haggling ended. The County Board gave its approval with a unanimous vote. Board Chairman Kyle Anderson commenting that "it's nice to be able to work it out."

AFSCME waived the "no lay-off language" that had kept the matter unresolved. A few insurance issues were also worked out.

Union rep David Beck also said it was good to get this behind us and not the workers can focus on their jobs.

The contract is retroactive to April 2014. Employees see a 20 cent hike in pay the first year, 30 cents the next two and an additional 35 cent raise is tacked on December 1, 2016.

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Joyce appointed to Iroquois County Board

Dan Joyce of rural Watseka was sworn-in Tuesday as the newest member of the Iroquois County Board. He represents District 4, having replaced Susan Wynn Bence who resigned to take a job with the Illinois Lt. Governor.

Joyce is a smal business owner, raises horses and cattle.  He says he looks forward to being a voice for district four.

The appointment has stirred some criticism.  Twice, Joyce lost election bids for the County Board.  The criticism comes from a few citizens and board member Larry Hasbargen of Watseka, who says voter approval should be recognized in making appointments.

"He's run and been rejected by voters twice before.  Now, they send him to us to appoint him to a position voters have said no to," Hasbargen told the board during public comment.  "This a slap in the face to voters that the board has no regard for their choices."

Hasbargen took issue with Joyce even pursuing an appointed-seat when  the voters rejected him.

GOP Chairman Shane Cultra defended Joyce's appointnment, saying Joyce had the support of precinct committeemen.  Cultra also took the blame for not letting candidates know about the perameters in place for consideration, the most important being the person had voted in three of the last primaries on the Republican ticket.

Joyce's appointment was approved by the board 12-4 with one member abstaining. 

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Rep. Kinzinger: “Illinois needs better business climate”

Illinois Congressman Adam Kinzinger says the state needs lawmakers in Springfield to come together and realize both sides will have to give-and-take to get results. The Republican told an Iroquois County Town Hall audience Monday "whether you're Republican or Democrat, we have to do something different."

Too many jobs have left or aren't coming to Illinois, he said, and it's not just losing to foreign countries like India, we're losing to our neighbors in Indiana and elsewhere.

Kinzinger points to several issues, adding, there's no room for partisan politics.

Making rounds in the district while Congress is in recess, Kinzinger met with local constituents at the Old Courthouse Museum in Watseka.

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