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Illinois Rail Safety Week – What Most Americans Do Not Know About Vehicle Versus Train Crashes

Ashkum, IL – During Illinois Rail Safety Week, which runs from September 14th to September 20th, the Illinois State Police District 21 wants to promote safety for both motorists and pedestrians around railroad tracks. Most Americans are unaware of the dangers associated with railroad crossings and trains. Did you know, according to Operation Lifesaver, that across the United States;
- 333 - Number in millions of vehicles that cross railroad tracks every day.
- 270 - Number of people killed in 2012 at highway rail grade crossings.
- 442 - Number of people killed in 2012 trespassing on railroad property.
- 18 - Number of football fields it takes a freight train, traveling at 55 mph, to stop.
- 50 - Percentage of vehicle/train collisions that occur at crossings with active warning devices (lights, gates, bells).
- 212,600 - Approximate number of at grade highway rail crossings in the United States.
- 40 - Times you are more likely to die in a crash with a train than you are to die in a vehicle crash.
- 3 - Average time, in hours, between each incident where a vehicle or pedestrian is struck by a train.

When crossing railroad tracks, you must always follow the law and be aware of your surroundings! For more information about Illinois Rail Safety Week, please visit www.illinoisrailsafetyweek.org.

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TV Anchor Announces His Own Terminal Diagnosis

(Champaign, IL) -- A television news anchor in Champaign used the airwaves to announce that he has brain cancer and is only expected to live for four to six months. Dave Benton told viewers of WCIA, Channel 3 that doctors say the tumor is too large for surgery or radiation. The Addison native and NIU graduate said he'll try a new treatment to slow the tumor's growth and hopes to work as long as he can.             {Metro News}

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Presence St. Mary’s Hospital named one of 2014 America’s 100 Best Hospitals for Patient Experience

Kankakee, IL ...... Presence St. Mary's Hospital has been named as one of the 2014 America's 100 Best Hospitals for Patient Experience by WomenCertified Inc., home of the Women's Choice Award®.

The Women's Choice Award seal is reserved for hospitals across America who partner with WomenCertified in its mission to empower women to make smart healthcare choices. The distinction is the only award that identifies the country's best healthcare institutions based on robust criteria that consider female patient satisfaction, clinical excellence, and what women say they want from a hospital, including quality physician communications, responsiveness of nurses and support staff, cleanliness and trusted referrals from other women.

"Being treated with the proper level of care impacts one's health, well-being, and healing so it is critical for women to know those hospitals that demonstrate the highest level of quality care to their patients" says Delia Passi, CEO and founder of WomenCertified Inc., home to the Women's Choice Award, and former publisher of Working Woman and Working Mother magazines.     {submitted}

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Schleef retires from Iroquois County Zoning office

Iroquois County Zoning administrator Gloria Schleef calls it a career today. She's retiring after 24 years as the planning and zoning chief.

Mrs. Schleef was recognized by the county board this week.
Schleef began her county employment in May 1992 in the assessor's office. She became zoning administrator in 1994 and the duties and office operation was moved into its own department.

Schleef's 24 years as planning and zoning administrator of Iroquois County now finds the county board reducing the office to a single employee. Debbie Wright continues, but she's been moved to the assessor's office in a cost-cutting move. Mrs. Wright will work under the supervision of Supervisor of Assessments, Bob Yergler.

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Kankakee County annual crop tour points to 179 bushel acre average

It's only an estimate, but the projected bushel-per-acre yield average for corn here in 2014 is at 179. That's encouraging despite the cool weather during growing season and lack of rain in some sections of the county.

Maybe a little hard to imagine 'lack of rain' considering the last 24-36 hours and what fell in recent weeks. But there was little rain for than a month in some areas and the cooler temps were evident during the peak growing weeks.

Kankakee County Corn Growers Association President Jason Zimmer told WGFA News this is the "biggest estimate delivered by the corn growers." There's a lot of variability; we expect this.

The Corn Growers group held its annual Yield Check meeting (Wed) at the fairgrounds.

The southwest section (near Irwin Road south of Route 17) is where the biggest positive was reported. Yield Check reporter Alex Denault's corn yield estimate is at 200 bu per acre.

Clay Abbott's estimate in the NE section, near Momence, north of Rote 17 at State Line Road, is at 187 an acre. Keith Yohnka's number is similar at 181.

In the St Anne area, from State Line Road to Aroma Park, south of Rt 17, Trevor Ludke had an estimate of 183 per acre.

Three corn growers turned in estimates for the North-Central section, north of Rt 17, from Rt 45 to Warner Bridge Road. Dick Moran, Carl McQueen and Mark Stuffenberg turn in an estimate of 180 bu per acre.

Doug Flagel's South-central section is at 173 an acre. That's from Aroma Park to Irwin Road, south of Rt 17.

Jason Zimmer, himself, reports on the NW section, at 170 per acre.

Zimmer tells WGFA News, the 179 average is optimistic .......

This 179 bu per acre average is "the highest estimate ever." Last year's corn yield estimate was at 169. It was 174 in both 2007 and 2008.

94.1 WGFA