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Senator Barickman Meets with Paxton-Buckley-Loda Students

Paxton – State Senator Jason Barickman(R-Bloomington) visited PBL Junior and Senior High Schools Thursday, to hear from the students and let them know what their leaders in Springfield are working on this session.

"These bright young students may not be eligible to vote quite yet," said Barickman. "But they have just as much of a stake in state government as their parents." Barickman added, "The votes we take this spring on topics like school funding and higher education will play a major role in the opportunities they have to succeed in life."

Barickman addressed major issues including school funding, MAP Grants, and the Illinois economy. But he also took questions and comments from the students, to find out what concerns them right now.
"We need to engage these young minds in the process of state government now," said Barickman, "So that they remain involved and active in ensuring Illinois has the right leaders in the future."

The range of questions included everything from what his positions are issues, to his favorite part of being a Senator, and even what type of car he drives.

"It was good," said Junior Kade Hill, "Very informative relating what we learned here in government class to what really happens."

"We learned a lot, like how he grew up," said 8th grader Emma Fleming, "You'd think a politician is someone that acts different, but he's just a regular guy."      {article submitted}

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Horrell sentenced to life for beating death of Kankakee doctor

In Kankakee Court Thursday, Phillip Horrell was sentenced to life behind bars for the October 2012 murder of 81-year-old Dr. James Goldenstein. The doctor's wife, Betty. was also beaten.

Horrell expressed remorse, saying he was "sorry." Horrell plead guilty last year to the attack at the couple's home in Westwood Estate home. Prosecutors said the attack occurred just a couple of days after he was released from prison.

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Kankakee County EMA presented $15,000 for pipeline clean-up help

The Buckeye Partners pipeline group said 'Thank You' today (Thurs) to Kankakee County for help in last month's gasoline pipeline spill in Limestone Township.

Buckeye's Sr. Manager, Pat Hodgins, said monitoring continues to make sure all parties are satisfied. He said the area is safe. Contaminated soil has been removed.

Kankakee County emergency responders, Hodgins said, dud a great job keeping the area's citizens well-informed during the clean-up process.

Buckeye Partners presented the Kankakee County Emergency Management Agency with a $15,000 check. The money. County EMA Coordinator Dave Zinanni said, will be used to upgrade response equipment.

Testing of 39 residential wells after the spill near Route 113 has turned up no contamination.

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Rutherford Wants Sexual Harassment Suit Tossed

(Springfield, IL) -- Dan Rutherford is planning to ask a judge to toss out the sexual harassment lawsuit against him. His attorneys will head to court tomorrow to try to convince a judge that there isn't enough evidence to prove Rutherford engaged in any misconduct. The allegations came up a few months ago while Rutherford was trying to land the GOP nomination for governor.

A former employee at the state treasurer's office says Rutherford made unwanted sexual advances toward him during an overnight retreat. He also says Rutherford disciplined him when he refused to do campaign work on state time. Rutherford has shot down the allegations, claiming it was a political attack to kill his campaign, which it did. Rutherford finished last of the four candidates on the primary ticket.

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Bruce Rauner delivers his ‘skake up Illinois” message in Kankakee

Republican gubernatorial candidates Bruce Rauner told a Kankakee audience Wednesday "he'll know Illinois is on the road back when Kankakee County is thriving again."

At the Majestic Theatre, were some 200 people gathered, Rauner said there's so much work to do. He said the Kankakee area is still important in any Illinois election.
Unemployment numbers in Kankakee County should excite people about the 2014 election.

The 12.1 percent jobless figure is troubling, Rauner said.
Rauner was the guest of GOP Illinois legislative candidate Glenn Nixon. Nixon's message is "Return to Prosperity." Nixon is challenging incumbent State Rep. Kate Cloonen in November.

Raunerstuck to his theme of shaking up Illinois politics. His staff has collected 440,000 signatures to force a statewide vote on term limits. He needed 300,000 signatures, but has a goal of getting 500,000 by May 4.

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