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Martinton structure burns

A 2-story abandoned tavern fire in Martinton has several fire departments on the scene today (Fri). The fire at 109 Main Street alerted firemen around 9:30 am.

No injuries are reported.

The fire apparently originated from a burning garage behind the abandoned tavern. Water supply has been an issue. Several area Iroquois County departments answered the MABAS 37 box-alarm. St. Anne and Aroma Park Fire also responded.

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Kankakee County losing more jobs, BASF laying off 50 workers

There's more dismal news coming out of Kankakee on the job-front. The BASF Corporation, formerly known as Cognis, is announcing 50 employees are being laid off.

It was announced earlier that the Bunge Corporation would be leaving its location on Route 50 in Bourbonnais Township, laying off or relocating 210 employees.

BASF on Kensington Avenue in Kankakee announced (Thursday) 50 of its 220 employees will be laid off. The company is cutting about one-fourth of its production. BASF specializes in the chemistry ingredients of soaps and detergents and other pharmaceuticals.

A company spokesman said BASF will work with those affected. There will be efforts to place some workers into different jobs in the plant. The company will continue production of products used for the nutrition and health care chemical divisions.

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Iroquois County Board seeks to ‘curb’ public comment at meetings

The public comment segment of Iroquois County Board meetings may have some new guidelines in place, if approved by the full county board.

The Board is trying to address what has become, at times, lengthy public comment sessions. A proposed policy put together and discussed by the Policy & Procedure committee ensures citizens an opportunity to address the board and present views that concern Iroquois County, while also helping to move meetings along efficiently.

Limiting comments to 5 minutes is suggested, but the chairman is allowed to offer more time if necessary. The proposal calls for a 30-minute time limit for the public comment segment of the agenda. But again, the chairman may allow more time if warranted.

The Board encourages the comments to focus on topics related to the board meeting agenda.

Citizens having already addressed the board on a specific issue within the prior two months may be denied to make public comment on that issue again.

State's Attorney Jim Devine, earlier criticized what appeared to limit the public from involvement. Not all issues are matters the board wants to talk/hear about, he said, but that doesn't mean the public should be denied from commenting or presenting views.

Board members are not obligated to respond to any public comments or questions.

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Watseka pool committee recommends improvements, pool closed for season

A special committee appointed by the Watseka City Council is suggesting the Legion Park swimming pool remain where it is and improvements be made for future use.

The pool is closed for the season. The flood and recent rains have ruined the summer swimming season. The pool will have to be cleaned and sanitized. The special committee is studying ways to make improvements.

This year's flood and others have made it difficult for the pool to operate. The flooding of Sugar Creek has not been a friend to the pool. The pool's location leaves it vulnerable to the flooding.

The special committee met several times to discuss the pool's location and ways to combat the problems. Committee member Craig Gocken told the City Council 'money is a problem...relocating the pool would be costly. The committee is suggesting more effort in finding ways to improve the overall situation.

Fundraising may be the next step.

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Riverside Hospital among the best

U.S. News & World Report has published its report on the best hospitals in Illinois. Riverside Medical Center is ranked at #11 among 220 hospitals in the state.

Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago was ranked number one in the state.

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