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Vermilion County Board District 7 seat will remain vacant

It'll be a few months, at least, before a county board seat is filled in Vermilion County.

The District 7 seat of the late-Larry Mills won't be filled until September at earliest. That's from officials in Vermilion County.

The death of Larry Mills the night of July 4th stunned the county board and many others. The vacancy was not addressed at Tuesday's board meeting in Danville.

Mills was elected as a Democrat, so his seat will fall to the Vermilion County Democratic party to select an appropriate replacement on the board.

That choice will then be presented to the full board. It may be settled in September.

The appointee will be expected to fill out the remainder of Mills' two-year term.

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Kankakee County Board vacancies; Arseneau, Miller resign>

The Kankakee County Board has to fill two vacancies. Tuesday, two Republicans resigned because they moved from thee districts they were representing.

Chad Miller, a newcomer to the board, and former Vice-Chairman Todd Arseneau stepped down.

Board Chairman Mike Bossert will have to appoint new members.

Miller is a Bradley resident. He moved just outside the District 22 boundary. Arseneau was serving as Vice-Chair. He moved from District 11 in Herscher to a new district in Bourbonnais.

Miller was just elected to the board last November and Arseneau was in his fifth year.

Chairman Bossert said the Board also elected Roger Hess, of Momence, as vice chairman.

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>>People Must Be Trained Before Carrying A Gun In Public

(Springfield, IL) -- Illinois now has a concealed carry law on the books, but state Rep Brandon Phelps says that doesn't mean everyone will be allowed to carry a gun in public.

People must be trained and licensed before they can conceal a gun. There are also provisions in the law that prevent people with mental health issues and a criminal background from carrying a gun. The new law is effective immediately, but people won't actually be allowed to carry for at least six months. That's because State Police need to implement the carry program and put the training system in place. They have 180 days to do that, and then people can start applying for a carry license.

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>>Illinois Becomes Last State In Nation To Allow Concealed Weapons

(Springfield, IL) -- Illinois will be the last state in the nation to allow the carry of concealed weapons. The General Assembly voted to override Governor Pat Quinn's veto of the measure. The "Chicago Tribune" reports it may be months before it will go into effect due to permit rules and state licensing requirements.

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>>House Overrides Quinn’s Gun Veto

(Springfield, IL) -- The Illinois House has shot down Governor Quinn's changes to a concealed carry bill.

There wasn't even any debate on whether Quinn's ideas were worth considering. Quinn wanted people to carry only one gun at a time, with no more than ten-rounds of ammo. He also didn't want guns in places where alcohol is served.

Seventy-seven state reps voted against Quinn, keeping the original bill in-tact. But, it still needs to clear the Senate. If they don't override Quinn's changes, constitutional carry will kick in and people will automatically get the right to carry a gun in public, without a license.

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