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Iroquois County: Truesdell Guilty of Predatory Sexual Assault

A former Donovan man is facing a minimum sentence of 34 years in prison after he was convicted in Iroquois Circuit Court Thursday for Predatory Criminal Sexual Assault (5 cts) and (1 ct) of Criminal Sexual Asasault.

44-year-old Keith Truesdell was found guilty by Judge Gordon Lustfeldt following a bench trial in Watseka.

State’s Attorney Jim Devine said the victim, now 14-years-old, provided key, believable testimony during the trial……….

                                                    :23  (assault)         #  42

Court records revealed the assaults took place between 2007 and 2011 in both Iroquois and Kankakee counties.  The original charges included 23 counts of Predatory Criminal Sexual Assault and 13 counts of Criminal Sexual Assault.  The Predatory versus Criminal differential is because the victim was just nine when the crime started.

Devine said there will be a lengthy jail term………….

                                                 :29  (ask for)        #  43

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Moped Crash Kills Remington Man

 Jasper County Sheriff's Deputies report 28-year-old Andy Crimmins died when his moped crashed into a utility pole. He was found by his father lying unresponsive along County Road 630 West, west of Remington.

Police reported Crimmins left his house Wednesday night to get some food. When he didn't return by one o'clock Thursday morning, his parents started looking for him. Deputies said Crimmins showed signs of extreme head trauma and was not wearing a helmet.
Andy Crimmins is the son of Tri-County School Corporation Superintendent, Gilbert Crimmins.

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Iroquois County's jobless rate drops

Iroquois County’s unemployment rate last month remained steady, dropping a bit, to 8.2%. It’s down from 8.6 in July of 2011.

The Ford County rate is at 9.7….up from last year’s 9.1  Livingston County is listed at 8.5…also down from the 2011 level of 9.2 %.   IDES spokesman Greg Rivara said the fluctuations are part of a stable recovery.

“The economy is improving; overall we’re doing better than we were a year ago and two years ago,” Rivara said. “When looking at the monthly data, we’re seeing numbers that are moving up or moving down ever so slightly. But when we step back and look at the trend, we see that trend line moving downward.”

Over the year, McLean County had an increase of 300 jobs in non-farm positions, ending the month with 88,500 jobs, compared to 88,200 in July 2011. Leisure and hospitality and government saw the biggest gains with 600 and 400 new jobs, respectively. Declines took place in retail trade, where 500 jobs were lost.

Across the state, the July unemployment rate fell in five metro areas, increased in four and remained unchanged in three, compared to last year.

“Today’s data reflects the nature of this uneven recovery with several, but not all, areas of our state showing an improved employment situation,” said IDES Director Jay Rowell in a prepared statement. “Stronger consumer confidence nationally is needed for the employment situation to consistently improve in all corners of our state.”

Other Central Illinois counties and their July (July 2011) rates include: DeWitt, 8.2 percent (8.5 percent); Ford, 9.7 percent (9.1 percent); Iroquois, 8.2 percent (8.6 percent); LaSalle, 11.5 percent (11.5 percent); Livingston, 8.5 percent (9.2 percent.

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New School Year Calls for Drivers Reminders about School Zone Safety Issues

There’s plenty of drivers that need reminders about driving in school zones. And school crossing guards are quick to say how often they see motorists not paying attention in school zones..

School guards are already making noise about the drivers they see speeding, or on their cellphones, or totally ignorant of the fact that they're in a school zone.

Police are also reinforcing the message here, early in the new school year, that safety is their first priority.  And if you’re on a cellphone, texting, or speeding….you’re gonna pay.  Stiff fines and reinforced laws don’t allow for negligence behind the wheel.

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Pre-Season High School Football Poll Recognizes Area Teams

The Watseka Warriors and the Milford Bearcats are among area high school football teams getting some pre-season attention as the new season kicks off Friday night.

Wilmington and the Momence Redskins topped local teams in the Illinois High School Football Associated Press preseason polls this week.

The polls are voted on by an Associated Press panel of statewide sportswriters.

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