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New appointees ‘no shows’ at 1st Ford-Iroquois Health meeting

WATSEKA --The Iroquois County Board Monday voted 13-2 to remove three members of the Ford-Iroquois Department of Public Health Board. Then, approved two of three replacements.

Later that morning, the newly-appointed members and Iroquois County Board Chairman Rod Copas were not present for a scheduled health board meeting.

The meeting, at the Gilman-Danforth Library, was cancelled for lack of a quorum.But it was also postponed when Edgar County Watchdogs.com spokesperson John Kraft pointed out the meeting wasn’t properly posted to meet the Open Meetings Act.

The action presented more drama in the ongoing story of alleged mis-spending by the Ford-Iroquois Health Department and an investigation to find answers.

State’s Attorney Jim Devine said (Mon) information regarding questionable spending habits will be looked into.

And County Board Chairman Rod Copas (Cope-us) said any findings may take some time. 

Copus referred to “ we're getting beat up in the public” --- pointing to WGFA News about the coverage of the recent events involving the spending concerns Copus has pointed out in the public health departments operations. Public health department supporters (like Larry Hasbargen) say the health department’s side of allegations leveled against it are finally being heard after weeks of printed attacks by Chairman Copas, with no chance to respond. Hasbargen told the County Board it's harassment, based on innuendos with no evidence of any wrongdoing.

The president of the F-I Public Health Board, Dr. Kevin Brucker, was quite miffed Monday, asking why, if this matter is so important, none of the Iroquois County appointees showed at the meeting at the Gilman Library ?Brucker questioned the motives of wanting to fix things and then not showing up ?

The Ford County reps of the Health Department were all present for the cancelled meeting.  Ford County Board Chairman Rick Bowen has repeatedly said he has no problem with the health department.    

Copas says it’s about open, honest and transparent government.

The Iroquois County Board voted 13-2 to remove Diane Clatterbuck, Jill Kaeb and Dr. Alexander Michalow from the health board.Two of the three were replaced.

Lauren Luecke  and Michelle Fairley were approved as new members.Copas said he ‘s still looking for that third appointee with a medical background.

Meanwhile---another angle in the drama is Edgarcountywatchdogs.com.It’s a government watchdog group from Paris (IL) that serves as an outlet for people to ask questions about what they perceive as wrongdoing.

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Two New Yorkers arrested for drugs in Iroquois County

36-year-old Jose Ortiz Molina and 25-year-old Jessica Diana appear in Iroquois Circuit Court today. The New York residents were jailed in Watseka Monday following their arrest by Gilman Police and Iroquois County Sheriff’s Police. Both were charged with Unlawful Possession of Cannabis with intent to deliver. Molina is also facing a charge of cannabis trafficking.

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Judge Extends Joliet Murders Gag Order to Kankakee County >

Will County Judge Gerald Kinney has expanded the gag order issued by the court in regards to a Joliet double murder in January.

Kankakee County is now included in the gag order. One of the suspects involved in the residential murders on Hickory Street in Joliet was arrested in Kankakee. Video involving the arrest was eventually released to the media. Judge Kinney has added all of Kankakee County to the existing gag order, first issued March 1st.

Eric Glover and Terrance Rankins were found murdered on January 10th.

Adam Landerman, Bethany McKee, Joshua Minor, and Alissa Massaro are all facing charges.  The next pre-trial hearing is set for March 27th.

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Ford-Iroquois Health Board members ousted >

Two new appointees to the Ford-Iroquois Dept of Public Health have been approved by the Iroquois County Board.

At a special meeting this morning…..the Board voted 13-2 to remove three members of the health board. And Board Chairman Rod Copas then named Lauren LukE  and Michelle Fairley to serve two of the three seats for Iroquois County.

The County Board heard more details about an investigation by an Edgar County Watchdog group. Following an executive session, the votes to remove and replace were carried out.

The Ford-Iroquois Health Board had a regular meeting scheduled late this (Mon) morning in Gilman. But the meeting was postponed when it was learned the meeting had not been properly, according to the Open Meetings Act.

John Kraft, from the Edgar County Watchdog Group, questioned the health board members if the meeting and agenda had been posted at the Gilman-Danforth Library Building ?

The newly-appointed Iroquois County members of the health board and County board chairman Copus were not present at the meeting.


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Funeral services for Wilmington crash victims

Funeral services for three of four Wilmington High School students who died in a car crash Monday will are being held this weekend.

Memorial visitation for 17-year-old Cheyenne Fender are today (Sat) from 3 until 7 pm at Anderson Memorial Chapel in Romeoville.

Visitation for 15-year-old Cody Carter are from 11 am until 1 pm today (Sat) at Patterson Funeral Home in Braidwood.

Visitation for 15-year-old Micalah Elizabeth Sembach will be held from 1 pm. 'til 4 pm Sunday at Frietag-Reeves & Baskerville Funeral Home in Wilmington. A celebration of life services is scheduled for 4 pm.

A funeral service for 14-year-old Matthew Bailey were held Thursday.

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