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County Regional planning commission will be disbanded

It’s been two years since the Iroquois County regional planning board has had a meeting and almost all of its members terms have expired. Those are a couple of reasons the board will be disbanded. The commission was formed to help with zoning issues and was supposed to meet monthly. The commission has now outlived its usefulness since its formation, because zoning issues are now initially fielded by the zoning board of appeals and there is no need for commissioners who represent different areas of the county.

-Kevin Peters

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Aroma Park fire injures man, space heater blamed

A space heater is believed to be the cause of a garage fire Sunday that sent a man to Loyola Medical Center in Maywood. The un-identified man suffered burns to his hands and arms.

The fire alerted the Aroma Park fire department.

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IMH Go Red Luncheon 2013

A packed crowd donned in red filled celebrations in Watseka Friday for the 2013 IMH Go Red Luncheon (an annual event to fight against heart disease and to promote heart health). Health Screenings were available to participants and during lunch, industry expert and Life Coach, Mary Quinn spoke about identifying and managing stress. She said, “The First step to anything is to understand what it is. And if you can look at stress as energy, again positively, it can push you to motivate you to get things done. It’s when the psychological effects happen such as tension and becoming irritated, that stress becomes too much, which can turn into more the physical problems such as headaches and ulcers. So it’s being preventive. Measuring it. Finding out what it is and taking care of it. And the biggest thing to do is listen to your body. And as we talked about, getting the energy out, with exercise, journaling, and venting the negative energy so you can feel better.”

IMH’s RN Marsha Hubert also spoke about symptoms of a Heart Attack and there was a question and answer session with a panel of IMH Medical professionals.

-Kevin Peters

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KCC Aplication Deadlines


            Applications for entry into health career programs at Kankakee Community College are now available.

            Two programs have a May 30, 2013 application deadline: Medical Assistant and Medical Laboratory Technology. Both programs begin in Fall 2013.

            Three programs have a Sept. 6, 2013 application deadline: Registered Nursing, Registered Nursing—Advanced Placement Sequence Option 1 and Respiratory Therapist. All three programs begin in Spring 2014.

            KCC also is accepting applications for the Medical Laboratory Technology Advanced Placement Sequence Option 1, which has a Nov. 15 application deadline for Spring 2014 entry.

            To apply, students must submit required records such as a KCC Application for Admission; a KCC Health Program Application; an official high school transcript and GED scores when applicable; and official college transcripts. All applicants who meet the minimum eligibility requirements also must complete the A2 Entrance exam to be considered for acceptance.

            Health career program applications are only available by adviser appointment in KCC’s Department of Student Services. To make an appointment with an adviser or for more information, phone 815-802-8500.

             More information on health career program eligibility, including and curriculum guidelines, are available on KCC’s website, www.kcc.edu/.



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Cultra calls prison closures “Quinn’s inability to lead”

ONARGA, IL – State Sen. Shane Cultra (R-Onarga) offered the following comments after media reports about the Illinois Department of Corrections shelving its plans to shutter the Dwight and Tamms Correctional Centers by Aug 31.

“The whole prison closure situation has been a massive debacle that was orchestrated by Governor Pat Quinn’s inability to lead. Ever since the plan was hatched in February, we have had our doubts that it would come to fruition by August. But make no mistake about this; the damage has already been done,” Cultra said. “Workers and residents of Dwight and Livingston County still face an uncertain future. We will continue to work throughout the fall and into the Veto Session for a desirable solution that will hopefully keep Dwight Correctional Center open.”

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