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Farmers bagging groceries

Vermilion County farmers are joining in the celebration of Illinois agriculture by bagging groceries today. They're doing at local Vermilion County Market Stores.

Farm Bureau members are bagging groceries from 10 am until noon at the County Market Stores at the Village Mall, in Towne Centre and at Tilton.

Mark Willard, Marketing Chairman for the Vermilion County Farm Bureau, says ''this is a great opportunity for us to meet with consumers, and let them put a face to the people who grow their food.''

Vermilion County Farm Bureau and local farmers invite the public to join in the celebration of Illinois Farming Month by taking a peek at improvements farmers are making every day. Videos are available at www.watchusgrow.org.

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76-year prison term for convicted killer DuShawn Johnson

A botched drive-by shooting that took a life has landed a Kankakee man in prison for 76 years. DuShawn Johnson was sentenced Wednesday in Kankakee Circuit Court.

Judge Clark Erickson imposed the sentence for the shooting death of Maria O'Connor four years ago. The young woman was killed by gang crossfire while walking home from a job interview.

The 76-year prison term comes after two trials and a conviction on all charges. Johnson's co-defendant was convicted earlier and received a 58-year prison term.

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Barickman sex offender registration

SPRINGFIELD, IL - Legislation sponsored by Sen. Jason Barickman (R-Bloomington) that makes it clear sex offenders must report to law enforcement when they lose a job, won approval in the Illinois Senate Thursday, March 4.

"Although it was clearly the intent of state law that sex offenders should report when they lose a job, a recent court ruling drew a distinction between a 'change' in employment and losing a job," Barickman explained.

Illinois law states that sex offenders must report a change in employment, but a recent appellate court ruling found that losing a job was not the same as a 'change' in employment, thus creating a loophole that needed to be closed, Barickman explained.

"I appreciate that members of the Pontiac Police Department and the McLean County State's Attorney's office brought this to my attention so we could address this problem," Barickman said.

Under Senate Bill 2912, a registered sex offender who loses his or her employment must report in person to the law enforcement agency where he or she last registered within three days of losing a job. This mirrors the requirement for a change in employment.

Following a 47-2 vote in the Senate, the measure now moves to the Illinois House.

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Village of Clifton reports frozen sewer lines

Clifton village officials are reporting frozen sewer lines that may be blocking sewage from reaching the local sewage collector system.

The village website is advising residents to maintain their property sewer lines.

Community leaders advise running more warm water into the system, but do not let water trickle into the system. The slow running cold water may freeze and cause blockage.

The Village of Clifton cannot be responsible for service lines running from your home's point of discharge to the sewer mains. The service line is the property-owner's responsibility. Village officials are willing to help locate your service line and clean-out. The village can provide pictures also as to the direction of the sewer discharge line.

For more information or to make comments or suggestion, email or call the village office at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 815-694-2273. Office hours are 8-11 am Monday thru Friday.

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Kankakee OK’s public safety fee to replenish revenues

Kankakee residents will see a $10 per month public safety fee, beginning in May, to make up the loss in revenues from the sales tax formula that is no more.

A committee gave the green light last night. The full City Council is expected to approve the proposal next Monday. The fee will show up on city water bills.

The city is also bringing back a vehicle-sticker fee.

The fee will make up the loss of $2.4 million lost in sales tax revenue due to the restructuring of state sales tax agreements by the Department of Revenue.

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