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Ebola Hotline Number Unveiled

The Illinois Department of Public Health has a new hotline for people who have questions about Ebola. State officials say someone will be on hand 24-hours-a-day to answer questions like how to avoid getting Ebola. Operators will also be able to tell you how the virus is spread and provide details on who's at risk of getting infected. The hotline number is 800-889-3931.

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Bat bite triggers outrage in Iroquois County case

The daughter of an 86-year-old woman bitten by a bat expressed her disgust as to how the case was handled by officials.

Barbara Pfingsten told the Iroquois County Board she's not happy in that the 'ball was dropped," and her mother had to undergo a series of rabies shots because county animal control didn't inform the family that test results of the bat in question came back negative.

Pfingsten said neither Animal Control nor the Iroquois County Health Department provided any answers. The Health Department claimed it wasn't contacted.

The State testing lab in Springfield reports it did receive a bat for testing from Iroquois County. The results were mailed to Iroquois County because there was no working fax in the Iroquois County health department office.

Pfingsten questioned why she had never heard from anyone in the health department about the matter ?

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33-year-old Joshua Bisping has been ordered to serve 10 years in federal prison for engaging in a murder-for-hire plot against his ex-wife.

U.S. District Judge Harold Baker sentenced Bisping to the statutory maximum sentence and ordered that Bisping remain on supervised release for three years following his release from prison. Bisping was also ordered to have no direct contact with the victim.

Bisping pled guilty earlier this year to use of interstate commerce facilities in commission of a murder-for-hire plot. One year earlier, in late May 2013, Bisping attempted to hire an individual to kill his ex-wife. The individual introduced Bisping to an undercover ATF agent posing as a hit man. Following the meeting, Bisping met in person with the undercover agent on at least three occasions which were video and audio recorded. During the meetings, Bisping discussed paying the undercover agent $5,000 to murder his ex-wife and to make it look like a robbery gone bad.

Bisping and the agent discussed Bisping's obtaining a picture of his ex-wife for the agent, establishing an alibi for the time of the murder, and, if questioned by police, Bisping's denial of any knowledge of the murder-for-hire plot. After one meeting, Bisping and the agent drove by the ex-wife's residence so the agent would know where she lived.

Bisping was arrested in early June 2013, and has remained in the custody of the U.S. Marshals Service since his arrest.

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Retired NY firefighter addresses Hundred Club

It was the utmost harrowing experience 13 years ago....for the United States and emergency responders.

In New York City, the pain and sorrow will never go away.

Retired New York City Fire Department member Richard Picciotto (Piss-E-oh-toe) delivered his emotional memories of the September 11, 2001 horror story to Kankakee County business people and first-responders Wednesday night.

Picciotto was the speaker at the 100 Club at the Quality Inn & Suites in Bradley. The Hundred Club annually honors police and firefighters with a banquet that raises money for surviving families of emergency responders who die in the line of duty.

Picciotto was the highest-ranking firefighter to survive the collapse of New York City's Twin Towers. He was on the 35th floor when the South Tower came tumbling down. He said those eight-seconds "of my life" will never go away.

The honored-fireman painfully reminded the crowd 2343 firefighters died that day. There were 2,996 total deaths.

Picciotto today, says the U.S. needs to continue to be assertive in the fight against terrorism.

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Earthquake Drill today !

If you're not prepared, you should be. If you haven't been educated and trained, you should have been. And—if you're not ready and participating in today's Great American ShakeOut, you should contact your county elected officials and ask Why ?

Today's annual Great American ShakeOut earthquake drill is a well-documented, much-talked about exercise that keeps people on their toes. Schools, hospitals, nursing homes, businesses and people at home should be reviewing and going thru their motions to act if an earthquake hits.

If you're not ready, you have legitimate questions for your Emergency Management Agency office and elected county officials. It's their responsibility to be educated, trained and ready to deliver emergency care in the wake of tragic events.

The Illinois EMA promotes the Great American ShakeOut, an earthquake drill exercises across the country.

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