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Iroquois, Kankakee County Boards re-organize >

Swearing-in ceremonies this (Monday) morning in Iroquois and Kankakee Counties seated new county board members. All were winners in the November election.

Special meetings of the respective county boards included new leadership.

John Shure was elected Iroquois County Board Chairman. He defeated Donna Crow, who was also nominated.

Board members supported Shure on an 11-8 vote. One member, Russell Bills, abstained.

Dan Rayman was elected Vice-Chair on a vote of 12-8.
Newly-elected board members taking their oath included: Kevin Bohlmann, Kevin Coughenour, Sherry Johnson, Chad McGinnis, Barb Offill, Michael McTaggart, and Marvin Stichnoth.

Committee assignments were handed out and the board adopted Roberts Rules of Order and set bonds for elected officials.

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The Kankakee County Board unanimously elected Andy Wheeler as Board Chairman. He succeeds Mike Bossert, who was not re-elected by voters.

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County goverment re-organizes with special meetings

A new fiscal year is underway for county goverments in Illinois.  County Boards are in special session today (Monday) to vote on leadership positions.  County Board Chairmen and Vice-Chairmen are being slected by tzhe membership.  Newly-elected board members are also taking their seats. 

The Iroquois and Kankakee County Boards meet at 9 am.  The Vermilion County Board is scheduled to meet at 6 pn this evening.

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Oak Forest man dies in I-57 crash

An Oak Forest man is dead following a four-vehicle crash in Champaign County. State Police say the accident happened Sunday on I-57, just northwest of Champaign. 26-year-old Robert Mikolajewski died at the scene. Lanes were temporarily closed while authorities investigated.

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Fog Today, Plunging Temps later this Week

Illinois motorists can expect some fog and slushy roads this morning. The state can expect a frosty back-half of the week. The National Weather Service says temperatures are going to plummet by Friday. Highs will be in the teens and 20s further north, into the upper 20s down south. Forecasters say windchills will be bitter later this week as well, down to single digits in some parts of the state.

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Jury Convicts Kankakee County Man for Bank Fraud Related to Construction Loans

A federal jury deliberated for three hours Friday before returning guilty verdicts on all counts of Bank Fraud charged in the trial of 57-year-old Daniel Ballard of Bourbonnais.

Sentencing is set for March 27, 2017. Ballard was allowed to remain on bond pending sentencing.

Evidence presented by the government during the trial, which began on Tuesday, showed that Ballard obtained a construction loan in December 2009, in the amount of $280,000, to build a residence at 3013 Stone Fence Drive in Bourbonnais.

As part of the fraud scheme, and to obtain money from the bank to build the residence, Ballard obtained additional construction loans to build or remodel buildings on other properties he owned in Bradley, Ill.: 411 N. Center; 248 N. Center; and 471 N. Grand. An explicit term of the construction loan disbursing agreement required that work for which Ballard was requesting payment be completed before the bank would disburse funds to the title company.

As part of the scheme to defraud, evidence showed that Ballard falsely stated or caused others to falsely state in documents submitted to the title company that costs had been incurred for labor and / or materials for construction at the Bradley properties. In fact,
the costs of labor and materials were substantially below the amount represented or were not furnished to the Bradley properties at all.

At sentencing, the maximum statutory penalty for each of the three counts of bank fraud, up to 30 years in prison and fines up to $250,000.

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