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Herscher students gather for balloon launch; mourn 15-year-old killed in crash

Herscher High School students came together (Thursday) to remember Kameron Allison, a 15-year-old classmate and friend, who died in a tragic traffic accident.

A balloon launch at the school baseball field was to make sure Kameron was not forgotten. The freshman high school baseball player lost his life when a drunk driver slammed the car he was riding in.

Allison died Sunday night in a car crash. His brother was injured and is in stable condition. Kameron was a passenger.

The other driver is facing DUI charges.

Allison's brother was driving on Illinois Route 17 toward Reddick when Carmella Larson of St. Anne RAN a stop sign and crashed into his car.

In reference to Kameron's love for baseball (and the Chicago Cubs), his family wrote an obituary containing baseball metaphors. The obit stated Cameron had been called up to the big leagues.

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Pembroke Township sustainability project kick-off

The Village of Hopkins Park and Pembroke Township are getting support from several groups to develop a "Sustainability Plan" in working toward a healthy community.

An agreement finds all members pledging to work together to develop a plan "providing the ways and means to preserve and sustain the community history, culture, and natural environments in addition to land preservation for current residents and future generations." The plan will focus on enhancing the quality of life and economic growth today and for the future generations.

The committee is chaired by the Kankakee County Regional Planning Commission.

Supporting the concept are representatives of the Economic Alliance of Kankakee County, the Regional Planning Commission, Kankakee County Farm Bureau, Pembroke Township, Pembroke Consolidated School District #259, The Field Museum, The nature Conservancy, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service and the Village of Hopkins Park

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Pause for Patriotism Saturday at Greater Kankakee Airport

The annual Fly-In Breakfast at the Greater Kankakee Airport is Saturday. The public is welcome for breakfast and several other educational presentations. The event helps showcase the airport. It runs from 8 am 'til 4 pm.

Victoria Ruble is the airport manager, telling 94.1 WGFA "the fly-in is our annual event but this year we add the Pause for Patriotism – a nice event that draws a lot of interest."

The Young Eagles provide free flights for children. That's a first-come, first-serve basis for kids up to 17 years-old. Breakfast is $8 for adults, there is a car show.

The Kankakee Airport is playing a major role in the National Guard Blackhawk Helicopter program. It's been about a 10-year venture and now, the emergency chopper program is moving from Midway Airport in Chicago to the Kankakee airport.

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Ford County property tax bills mailed

The Ford County Treasurer's Office announced that 2015 real estate tax bills were placed in the mail Wednesday (May 18). Property owners should note the first installment comes due June 17. The second installment is due September 2.

Payments can be made by mail, at any Ford County bank, at the treasurer's office at the courthouse in Paxton Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. There's also a drop box located in front of the courthouse.

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Cloonen hosting Property Tax Information seminar

KANKAKEE, Ill. – With property tax season approaching, state Rep. Kate Cloonen is partnering with county officials to host a free Property Tax Information Clinic on Thursday, June 2 at 5:30 p.m. in the fourth floor conference room of the Kankakee Public Library, located at 201 E. Merchant St.

"Going door-to-door throughout my district, the number one issue about which I hear is high property taxes," said Cloonen. "Families deserve more relief from high taxes, especially as home values decline or remain the same and the cost of living increases. That is why I have sponsored and voted a number of times for legislation to freeze property taxes and give homeowners a break."

The event will feature presentations from Kankakee County Assessor Erich Blair, Kankakee County Treasurer Nick Allen and Kankakee County Recorder Lori Gadbois. In addition to these presentations and an open Q&A session, attendees who bring a copy of their most recent property tax bill will be able to ask questions specific to their bill.

"This free property tax clinic will help residents explore ways in which they can save on costly property taxes," Cloonen added. "We are fortunate to have elected officials in Kankakee County who are dedicated to helping residents make the most of the benefits that are available. I am grateful for their partnership in this event and look forward to helping residents learn more about their property tax bills and the possible ways in which they may be lowered."                    {ARTICLE SUBMITTED}

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