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Iroquois County: Funk sentenced to 24-years for attempted murder

The Milford man convicted of attempted murder of a police officer will spend at least 20 years in prison. Kevin Funk was sentenced (Tuesday) for the attack on an arresting Iroquois County sheriff deputy in August of 2016. Judge James Kinzer imposed the maximum sentence requested by the State’s Attorney’s Office.

A jury convicted the 30-year-old Funk for the attack on Investigator Clint Perzee. Funk threw a tomahawk at the officer, severely injuring the deputy’s arm.

State’s Attorney Jim Devine said Funk will have to serve a minimum 85% of the 24-years. Funk was looking at up to 80 years in prison, but prosecutors took into account he had no prior criminal background.

The same jury found Funk ‘not guilty’ of aggravated criminal sexual assault of his step-sister, abuse that started when the girl was just nine-years-old.

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Hospital call results in battery arrest

Hoopeston Police report the arrest of a 20-year-old for Aggravated Battery. Elyscha Wells of Hoopeston faces the charge in Vermilion County. A 45-year-old Hoopeston man called police from a hospital to report he’d been battered the night before and was now seeking treatment. A 3-day investigation and interviews led to the arrest of Wells.

In another incident ... a man already jailed for an unrelated case was arrested for Theft. Hoopeston Police were investigating a reported-theft in the 600-block of E. Wyman which occurred October 19th. Tuesday night, 45-yr-old Max Jones was charged in the theft case.

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Halloween Safety: Motorists alert for trick ‘r treaters

Law enforcement officials are urging motorists to drive with extreme caution and to be alert for r trick-or-treaters. Youngsters will be out today (Tuesday) beginning at 4 o’clock in some cities/towns.

Those people planning to welcome trick or treaters should be sure to keep their front porch lights on. Avoid any yard debris that could lead to someone tripping and getting hurt. Also be sure to remove any items off of your sidewalk that might cause a child to trip.

Other tips for safety: Children should be told to look both ways before crossing a street and to use sidewalks where available. Never cross the street from between parked cars, and respect the property of others. Children should only visit homes in their own neighborhood. Children should be in groups for safety. And never eat any treats until you get home and your parents have had a chance to check them. Any suspicious activity should be report.

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Kankakee County traffic crash kills Pembroke Township man

A 32-year-old Hopkins Park motorist died Sunday when he apparently lost control of his vehicle in rural Momence. Jamar Jarrette was westbound on 3000N Road, near 8000E. He ran off the roadway and hit two utility poles. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

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Pumpkin trends, pumpkin farming change

If you bought a pumpkin this fall, chances are you bought something completely different than your parents bought when you were a kid.

Pumpkins are as old as America.

But the pumpkins on your table, front porch, or in the farmers market today are not what they used to be.

Central Illinois pumpkin farmer John Ackerman says pumpkin trends change and evolve.

Ackerman says he sells plenty of blue pumpkins for decorating and gourds by the bushel full.

This is a great year for pumpkins, Ackerman says the dry summer helped both jack-o-lantern pumpkins and the ones that will end up in pies.

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