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Congressman Kinzinger talks economic growth in Ford, Iroquois and Livingston Counties

U.S. Rep. Adam Kinzinger encourages local leaders to work together to better efforts to keep jobs in Illinois.

Some areas are better than others and some have a stronger base to work with...but it’s that community effort that we can all benefit from. Kinzinger said there’s a common ground that can lead the way.

The Republican congressman held roundtable discussions Wednesday, visiting Gibson City, Watseka, Forrest and Pontiac. Kinzinger said while some tense matters of concern have stirred talk in Washington, D.C. of late, there’s still issues to focus on in the district.

Kinzinger pointed to growth in tourism in Pontiac, “which is a good thing. We always could be doing better. So the key is to try to figure out, there’s an issue in skills gap, in terms of jobs that are available versus what people are trained for.”

He said a visit to Rhino Ag in Gibson City told him there’s a need for welders. Training, promoting and waving your own flag is important. Some communities want a better business climate, he said. One of the roles of the Federal government is to see trends of the future and to highlight those trends.”

Kinzinger said part of the blame for stagnant job growth rests in Springfield, saying that jobs are leaving Illinois because of state policies. But those same lame-policies need a boost at the local level too.

“Look, everybody is struggling and it’s something we need to get a better handle on,” Kinzinger said. “You know, we’re not just losing jobs to India – we’re losing them to Indiana, and it’s not because the weather is nicer or there are more mountains over there.”

Kinzinger also tells WGFA News ‘there’s a lot of eyes following the threat of Korean missiles.

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Kankakee girl found safe

An 11-year-old Kankakee girl, reported missing, has been found safe.  Rose Mosley went missing from a relative's home Tuesday night.  Kankakee Polcie report the girl called another famlily member today (Thursday).  No word where the girl was found.  But she is OK.

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Dive team searching Vermilion County pond for apparent drowning victim

The Vermilion County sheriff’s department’s Underwater Search and Rescue Team continued its search today for the body of a man who apparently drowned in a private pond near Hillery, west of Danville.

Sheriff Captain Mike Hartshorn said five divers resumed their search in the pond around 7 a.m., after stopping last night around 8:15 p.m. The Illinois Department of Natural Resources conservation police officers are also part of the search.

Sheriff Pat Hartshorn said the man, a woman and a small child were in a small boat about 20 feet away from the shore when the motor failed. He said the man stood up to work on the engine, and the boat capsized. The child was wearing a floatation device. The woman, identified as the missing man’s fiance, was able to get the child back to shore. When she turned back to the water, she couldn’t see the man.

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Iroquois County OK’s solar energy ordinance

A 12-4 vote by the Iroquois County Board (Tuesday) approved a solar energy ordinance. County Board Vice-Chairman Dan Rayman led the charge to approve a crafted-ordinance that he says will spark commerce and create opportunity.......

Rayman and board member Chad McGinnis put in some time researching the solar farm industry. Rayman adding, it’s coming like it or not, so let’s be ready and by passing the ordinance, we can have some control over the development of the farms........

Opposition from four members, including Chairman John Shure, expressed a need to take more time to make sure all concerns were considered. Others pointed to a long-time opposing view of taking farm ground out of production.

Rayman points out, the Farm Bureau was part of the discussion, meetings to get input were held in the evenings, with just three county board members present.

The ordinance heads to the agenda for a Zoning Board of Appeals hearing scheduled for 7 pm August 29th.

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Dwight man struck & killed by train

A Dwight man was killed Sunday when hit by a train near Ransom.

Investigators with the LaSalle County Coroner’s Office said it’s unknown why 42-yr-old Chad Sandeno was walking near the tracks. He was struck by a train around 7:30 pm at the crossing of the BNSF Railway at North 17th Road and East 29th Road, north of Ransom.

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