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4-day school week at Christ Lutheran High School

The 2018-19 school year at Christ Lutheran High School at Buckley will find a four-day school week. The announcement made by the school administration.

Executive Director Sandy Spitz reports that despite having Mondays off each week, students will not have less classroom time. Each day will be expanded by 55 minutes. The plan calls for reducing transportation costs for families of students. Some of them, she says, travel more than 30 miles each direction. to-and-from.

The Ford County Record reports the extra weekday off also means students may be able to take care of personal matters, such as doctor’s visits, without having to take off time from school.

Spitz said the school day will begin at 8:15 am and end at 3:35 pm.

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Welcome Home Vietnam War 50th Anniversary

Commemoration and Illinois Department of Veterans Affairs honors Peoria business with the Illinois Veterans’ Business Appreciation Award

The Illinois Department of Veterans’ Affairs will host a “Welcome Home” celebration for all Vietnam Veterans today (Thursday 3/29). There’s a 10 am event...open to the public... in the Student Union at at the Universityf of Illinois at Springfield.

The celebration is to thank and honor veterans of the Vietnam War, including personnel who were held as prisoners of war, or listed as missing in action, for their service and sacrifice on behalf of the United States, and to thank and honor the families of these veterans.

Illinois Department of Veterans Affairs will also present Mr. Tim Garrison owner of River City Roofing, Peoria, Illinois, with the Illinois Veterans’ Business Appreciation Award. It recognizes Garrison’s contribution to his community. The company assisted a disabled veteran by tearing off an old roof and putting on a brand-new roof on his house and garage at No Charge.

With this quarterly award, Mr. Garrison will be considered for Illinois Veterans’ Business of the Year, awarded during the Illinois State Fair.

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VIPS back at it in Watseka

Popular owners, Louie and Chris, smiling again.....

If you ever wanted to be served like you’re important, there’s a place for you to visit – in Watseka.

VIPS Restaurant is serving customers again. And doing it with a smile. That’s the only way to do it, according to owners Louie and Chris Kantzioris. And that’s good reason why customers /friends have welcomed Louie, Chris and associates back to town. Chris says ‘this is where it’s at’........

"It's great to be back.  We've had a warm welcome," Chris tells WGFA/WIBK News. "Growing up here as a kid, I never thought I'd be back operating the restaurant I grew up in. It's been great. I couldn't be happier."

It’s wasn’t all that happy this past month, when, just two months after re-opening VIPS experienced yet another flood. The place was shuttered, forcing another clean-up and the business at a stand-still.

But the employees rallied. And Chris and Louie can’t say Thank You enough. Both say friends at the Iroquois Farmers State Bank have been so-supportive in getting the business back in shape. Now, all the smiling servers are doing it again. Chris says, ‘boy, what a challenge and relief’...........

"We knew with the flood history, there wasa risk.  We had plans to do someting to fight it off this summer, but it came again just two months after we opened., Chris said.  "It was devastating, forced out in quick order and closed for 19 days.  VIPS offers new menu items...daily specials, including a $5 lunch special Mon thru Friday. There’s All You Can Eat Fish Fridays Carry-outs too !

Chris says he’s always learning from the best --- HIS DAD, Louie, and others in the business. VIPS is all about Very Important People Served. Knowing and respecting the people served is the motto; Chris says that’s passed along every day to his employees – the servers are tour guides, “Team Work Makes the Dream Work.”

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Watseka officials talk flood prevention & mitigation

Iroquois County is determined to get the wheels in motion for dealing with floods. And a meeting Tuesday in Watseka had a focus on prevention and mitigation.

City leaders met with FEMA, IEMA, IDNR, the Army Corp of Engineers and state legislators to find future direction on flood prevention and mitigation.

Mayor John Allhands said the community input is vital in making sure all avenues are pursued. Watseka and Iroquois County has a history of flooding. And, history buffs know all too well how the negative effects of the floods have been trying on way too many people.

Years of frustration is gearing people to find solutions.

A proposed study carries a $200,000 price-tag. There’s a cost share of 35% for the city and 65% for the federal government. Should federal help not materialize, however, the city would be looking at the 100% cost.

Allhands says any financial help from FEMA w\ll depend on the Disaster Declaration application.

“We looked into the process. Now, we rely on the outside help to make it all work,” Allhands said. “The application is on file. History tells us it’s not easy to get the help we need.”

Governor Bruce Rauner declared Iroquois, Kankakee and Vermilion counties disaster areas. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) agreed to take another look after initial damage assessments were completed showing 200 home affected by the flood. There were 100 homes substantially damaged and one destroyed.

The mayor said the 2008 flood had greater impact statewide. This flood damage was concentrated in east-central counties. The Army Corp of Engineers indicated that any mitigation effort, based on the federal declaration, could take up to five years before any work begins.

The meeting’s finding also indicated an Illinois Department of Natural Resource grant could be more immediate.

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Ford, Livingston County Sheriff's target distracted driversFord, Livingston County Sheriff's target distracted drivers

The Livingston County Sheriff’s office will soon join Ford County police authorities in cracking down on distracted driving and speeding to combat the increasing fatal accidents in the county.

Livingston County Sheriff Tony Childress issued a statement to the public expressing concern regarding the recent fatal accidents and accidents involving severe injury on roadways in and around the Livingston County area.

Ford County Sheriff Mark Doran issued a similar statement last week.

Childress and Doran agree, saying speeding and distracted driving have played a very large role in most of these crashes. They’re urging the public to do their part to protect themselves, family, and others by not being distracted while driving.

The sheriffs’ would like to inform all citizens and to those traveling through the county that they will be directing the deputies to pick one day out of their week to primarily work traffic enforcement.

During this day of the week, unless they are on a call for service, the deputies will be on the roadways targeting excessive speed and distracted driving.

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