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Central Illinois hit by severe weather >

Severe weather swept across parts of central Illinois (Tues) evening. The NWS was busy last night trying to figure it all out – whether it was tornado damage.

Damaging winds, large hail, widespread flooding was reported in many communities. Most of the damage occurred in Clark, Coles, Christian, and Moultrie counties.

The highest recorded wind gust of 71 mph occurred at the Coles County airport at 5:15 PM. Widespread gusts of 60 mph and over occurred too, resulting in 3 semi trucks to be clown over on I-70 in Clark county.

The towns of Sullivan and Bethany in Moultrie county experienced damage with reports of trees and power lines down. There were reports of multiple houses with roofs blown off and a machine shed that was blown over in Sullivan.

Large hail was noted in and around some of the noted areas.

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