Accident Victim Rescued, Off-Duty Officials Provide Heroics

A 52-year-old Hobart, Indiana woman was rescued (Thursday) in Newton County when an off-duty official pulled her from a water-filled ditch after her vehicle crashed.

The un-identified driver was found lying in the water outside her vehicle. Newton County Reserve Officer Aaron Agent and a passing volunteer firefighter provided care until Medics arrived.

It was Thursday morning, just before 11 am, when Agent, who was off duty in his personal vehicle, noticed what appeared to evidence of a crash along a deep ditch on State Road 14, near County Road 300 E.

Agent found the driver in the water outside her vehicle and pulled her to the ditch bank and provided care until the Medics arrived.

Sheriff Captain Tom VanVleet praised Officer Agent’s actions, adding that the officer and volunteer firemen’s effort shows again how valuable volunteers are to the community.

VanVleet reported evidence indidated the female driver left the road, over-corrected, and then ran into the water-filled deep ditch. Officer Agent, saw marks on the road and in the grass, but due to the depth of the ditch couldn’t see the vehicle. Checking the scene further, VanVleet said, he acted accordingly.

No word on the condition of the female driver. The Newton County Sheriff’s Department was assisted by the Brook Fire Department and County Ambulance personnel.


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