Agriculture earns top billing in Iroquois County

The USDA recently recognized the top crop producing counties in the country.  And Iroquois County ranked among the best in both corn and soybean production. Now, the Iroquois County Board wants the state officials to take note.

Management committee member John Zumwalt presented a resolution in support of Iroquois County Agriculture.  Zumwalt's request gained a second by Donna Crow and was approved by the full Board (Tuesday) and will be forwarded to the Governor and State Representatives.  

Iroquois County's Resolution states 'the local county accounts for 1,516 of Illinois' more than 71,000 farms, 96% of which are family-owned and WHEREAS -- agriculture supports 3,658 jobs which also accounts for an estimated 38% of total jobs in the county and WHEREAS -- the county recognizes the value ag contributes to our county and the rural way of life is the backbone of our country, and THEREFORE --- the Iroquois County Board acknowleges and supports ag within our county, the jobs created, taxes generated, technologies embraced and environmentalpractices implemented by farmers makes ag a valuable industry.

McLean County was billed the top producer of Corn in Illinois.  Other counties were IROQUOIS, Livingston, Champaign and LaSalle.  IROQUOIS was also the 4th top soybean producer.

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