Barickman vs Cultra for 53rd Senate Seat Stirs Tempers; Record Shows Barickman Claim

Who’s the best voice for the 53rd senate district in Illinois ?  That’s the voters choice March 20th when voters head to the polls for the Illinois Primary Election.

Last night at a “Meet the Candidates Forum” in Crescent City, incumbent Senator Shane Cultra lashed out at the voting record of Rep. Jason Barickman.  Cultra said Barickman voted Yes for rate hikes for ComEd and Ameren while voting No for the Farm Bureau’s tax credit for rsearch.

Barickman said voters need to check the record and not listen to false information.

Audio from the House floor vote last October on the “Smart Grid” HB 3036 supports Barickman’s claim that his vote was corrected after Speaker Rep Joe Lyons acknowledged Barickman on the floor……                                          

The Clerk of the Il House, Tim Mapes, acknowledged dozens of lawmakers experience wrong results on that vote…prompting the nickname “buttongate.”  Changing one’s vote after it was recorded incorrectly, because someone pushed the wrong button is standard operating procedure in Springfield.  Rep Barickman immediately changed his vote after he was incorrectly recorded.

A letter to the Clerk of the House acknowledges Barickman’s corrected vote was recorded.

Published guest-editorials in newspapers clarifies Barickman’s NO vote on the ComEd and Ameren rate hike legislation.


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