Blood banks operating with low supplies

Illinois is experiencing a blood supply emergency.  Lifesaving blood products that cancer patients, sickle cell patients, hemophiliacs and others need for survival are at dangerously low levels, Dr. Dan Waxman, vice president and senior medical director of the Versiti Blood Center, said. 

“We are at such a shortage of daily donations that this is the first time we have gone on appeal in Illinois since the pandemic,” he said.

Versiti is a non-profit blood health organization that is the main supplier of blood products for 85 partner hospitals. Versiti has facilities across northern Illinois where civic minded people can donate blood as often as every eight weeks.

Waxman blames vacations and summer distractions for the drop in donor appointments. Normally the Versiti Blood Center has a three-day supply of blood products on their shelves. That supply is down to less than one day of supply. Each donation center has as many as 300 available donation appointments every day that need to be filled.

Locally, donors are urged to find time to attend local blood drives and donate.

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