If you have unpaid fines from a criminal or traffic case in Kankakee County, October 31 - November 23, 2022 is your lucky opportunity. Circuit Clerk Sandi Cianci and State’s Attorney Jim Rowe have teamed up to offer a one-time fine amnesty period to thousands who have been dogged for years by outstanding fines. The goal of this amnesty program is to collect a backlog of unpaid debt owed to the County, while putting individuals in a position to pay their fines and, in many instances, restore their driving privileges.

Under the amnesty program, participants will not have to pay collection fees or interest, which can inflate debts by as much as 30% or more, if they pay their original debt between October 31 - November 23, 2022in the Circuit Clerk’s Office. With interest and collection fees, an unpaid traffic ticket or criminal fine can quickly grow – by 30% after 45 days and then another 9% per annum thereafter – resulting in tax intercepts, collection lawsuits, license suspension and worse. On average, a driver who received court supervision for a speeding ticket but was unable to pay his fine within 45 days will now eliminate upwards of $100 in collection fees and interest with this amnesty program – those with higher fines or multiple cases will save even more.

“It is easy to fall behind – this amnesty program hopes to give people a chance to catch up. Now is the time for anyone with a delinquent debt to come forward and resolve their court matters, because now you have the opportunity to save a lot of money, hundreds of dollars in some cases,” said Circuit Clerk Sandi Cianci. 

“Relatively small infractions now cost hundreds of dollars in fines, and if they’re not paid on time the system tacks on penalties that cost hundreds more. When folks must choose between paying rent or paying a traffic ticket that could be more than thirty times their hourly wage, the choice becomes clear. We’re providing amnesty so people can get their fines paid, get their license back and move on with their lives,” said Jim Rowe.

Participants must pay in-person at the Circuit Clerk's Office by November 23, 2022.  Call for info 815-936-5728 or 815-936-5733.

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