Columbus Day - Government Offices, schools closed

Call ahead today (Monday) if you're planning to visit some government office, bank or post office.  Most public places are closed for the Columbus Day holiday.

It's Indigenous Peoples Day in many cities across America.  The observance replaces Columbus Day.  President Biden Friday signed the first-ever presidential proclamation of the day, the most support yet toward efforts to replace the federal holiday honoring Christopher Columbus and his voyage to North America in 1492.  Critics of Columbus Day say the holiday honors a man who epitomizes Western colonialism and the start of the trans-Atlantic slave trade.

Chicago's annual Columbus Day parade returns today after it was canceled last year due to the pandemic.  The 1 pm parade steps off from the corner at State Street and Wacker Drive.  The controversy surrounds the annual federal holiday recognizing Colmbus.  Following protests last summer, Mayor Lori Lightfoot ordered the removal of the Columbus statues in Chicago.  A lawsuit was filed against the Park District to return one of the statues to Arrigo Park in Little Italy.

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