County Boards ready for re-districting

The Kankakee County County Board Tuesday voted against reducing the size of the Board. The vote entertained with the thought of reducing members from 28 to 20.  Comments pointed to voters who showed favor of reducing the board.  Board Chairman Andy Wheeler reminded the members that all the issues have to weighed.

"The consolidated election vote was well over 80% to downsize while in 2010 it was 54% in favor of a 28-member board with single-person districts," Wheeler pointed out. "So we had two referendums that said opposite things."  Wheeler said two sides were presented, nothing was overwhelming. 

The Iroquois County Board delayed its redistricting decisions until next month, including any decision on reducing the size of the board. The governmental boards have until July to make decisions, according to Illinois statute. Several comments were offered about district boundaries and size of the board.

The Policy & Procedure committee discussed the financial side, pointing to an approximate $4,000 per year saving by reducing the size from 20 to 16 members, with four members from each district.  The committee also moved to raise the chairman's salary from $400 to $600 per month and County Board Vice-Chairman pay from $80 to $90 per month.  The Board members per diem would jump from $35 to $50, effective December 1, 2022.

Several governtment bodies are struggling with the redistricting process without having U.S. Census nembers.  They are not expected until September at earliest.

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