Dedicated Funding for Public Transportation in the Surface Transportation Legislation is Critical fo

> River Valley Metro in Bourbonnais expressing its strong opposition for the provisions in House bill H.R. 3864 in Washington, D.C.

The Resolution is the federal American Energy and Infrastructure Jobs Financing Act, which would eliminate dedicated federal fuels taxes for public transit and create long-term uncertainty for public transportation funding.

 As Metro looks to expand capacity during record ridership, this change will have dire consequences for the thousands of people in Kankakee County who rely on public transportation.

Managing Director of River Valley Metro, Rob Hoffman tells WGFA News “people should be concerned about this…….     

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Since 1983, nearly half of all public transportation funding has been provided from the federal motor fuels tax dedicated to the Highway Trust Fund. This funding structure has successfully provided highway and transit programs with secure, dedicated revenues and has allowed public transit systems around the country to create jobs and foster economic growth.

Hoffman says without the allocation, a tax may be the only solution……..

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Hoffman urges citizens to contact their Congressmen and ask that they maintain the dedicated funding.


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