Donovan School Locked Down, Bullet Found

Donovan School Superintendent Jerome Pankey said he was extremely proud of how the staff and students handled a "lock-down" at the Donovan Junior-Senior High School Friday morning.

Pankey told WGFA News "everyone did what they were supposed to do" in a situation like this."

The Donovan High School was locked down after a student found a bullet in a stairway.

The lockdown lasted about an hour. Iroquois County Sheriff's Police assisted with a search of the school building. No weapons or any other ammunition was found.

Pankey said "we practiced things like this and it all worked like it's supposed to."

The Superintendent said the student who found the bullet went immediately to the Principal's Office to report the incident. Pankey said "we were so proud of the student to care that much about the other take the proper action and contact the administration."

94.1 FM, WGFA