Ford-Iroquois Health Board given ultimatum, resign or be replaced

The wheel’s in motion for new direction with the Ford-Iroquois Department of Public Health.

The Iroquois County Board is poised to replace three of four members who serve the health board. The County Board Policy & Procedure committee today (Thurs) voted 6-0 to present to the full board next week (Tues) to ask the three Iroquois County reps to resign or be replaced.

County Board Chairman Rod Copas said “we need new direction.” He pointed to “accountability…and what’s best for the taxpayers.”

Vice-Chairman Kyle Anderson justified his committee vote, telling WGFA News it's obvious the members are going to be replaced anyway, so let's give them a chance to justify their past decisions.  Better communication, he said, could have prevented this.  But "it is what it is."

The committee motion was made by John Schure and seconded by Marvin Stichnoth. Also voting in favor were Brett Schmitt, Russell Bills, Shure, Stichnoth, Anderson and Copas.

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