Funeral Home roof collapse in Watseka, Former Bowling Alley building falls in Kankakee

High winds (Saturday) did damage to several structures. There was a partial roof collapse at the Baier Funeral Home in Watseka. A former bowling alley building in Kankakee was damaged when winds pushed a wall out. Some area homes were also damaged by high winds, siding was torn from structures. No injuries were reported.
There were also reports of power outages when tree limbs came down, taking down power lines in area communities. Winds were clocked at 50 – 68 mph in central-Illinois and parts of Indiana.

In Watseka, the roof collapse at the Baier Funeral Home has W. Oak Street at S. 3rd Street barricaded. Damage estimates are being reviewed. Watseka Fire Chief Kenneth Baier reported bricks tumbled to the ground. Couple of awnings on the buildings south side were ripped up.

In Kankakee – the fire department and Public Works employees assisted in shoring up the collapsed wall at the former Marycrest bowling alley. The City owns the building at 1931 E. Court Street. Fire Chief Bryan LaRoche said the building will be demolished in the next few days.
Saturday’s winds also damaged some rural homes and farm sheds. Parts of rootops were peeled back and siding was torn from houses. No injuries were reported.

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