Gibson City plans to improve drainage to combat flooding

Flood relief for citizens living in Gibson City is in the works. Severe flooding hit the community in 2021 and efforts since then have been directed to improving drainage.

Mayor Daniel Dickey reports costs to upgrade drainage systems range from $3 million to $4 million.  Grants will be pursued to put monies in place for improvements. 

A lot of underground infrastructure damage resulted from the fast flood waters in 2021.  Damaged sewers led to basement flooding throughout town.  Up to 11 inches of flood waters  in such a short period of time; and now, repairs are needed. It was called then a 'thouand year flood.' 

Mayor Dickey said an extensive survey was sompleted to determine what cvan be done to make repairs.  He says they have already started the process, and people will be able to see the results next year.

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