Iroquois Board maintains 20 members, four districts

The Iroquois County Board (Tuesday) voted for its new map, discussing options to meet the every-ten-year Census Count for redistricting. The end result was to stay with a 20-member board leaving the current four districts as they’re drawn now.  The Policy & Procedure committee had recommended reducing the board from its 20 members to 16. Some considered that a streamlining effort.  Board Chairman John Shure explained that some, including him, felt 16 members are enough to make decisions.  He said some members just listen to reports and the number of committees could be reduced.   But the end result was a vote to remain as the baord is set up now.

The Board Chairman’s salary increases from $400 to $600 per month. The Vice-Chair will be paid $90 a month ($10 increase). The members per diem pay goes from $35 to $50.

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