Iroquois County Board News…..Retirements, Call for Financial Info

Retirements in key county board positions had the attention of the Iroquois County Board Finance committee Thursday.  The county board’s Administrative Assistant and veteran Recorder in the Office of Recorder and County Clerk have announced their intended retirements.

Barbara Witte has been employed for 30 years with county government.  She announced her future retirement, effective in May.  Board Chairman Ron Schroeder read Mrs. Witte’s resignation letter which was accepted—with regret. Board members praised her dedication and loyalty.  Her immediate response was “it’s time.”

Mrs. Witte’s responsibility includes directing business affairs and recording committee minutes of meetings.

Carolyn LaBounty is leaving her post as Chief-Deputy Recorder, which she’s held the last eight years.  The job, County Clerk Lisa Fancher said, is a very important position, which needs to be filled.  Newly-employed Cheryl Ishmiel, an elections department Clerk, will move into the Recorder position.  Clerk Fancher said a union position for Elections Clerk will be need to be filled soon; the March primary right around the corner.

Finance questions ----

The Finance committee, at the suggestion of Vice-Chair Rod Copas, approved a motion to explore a search for an in-house CPA.  The details for the position are yet to be worked on, but Copas said “there’s a need for someone with expertise to get a handle on the money matters.”

Copas said he doesn’t blame Data Processing Director Angela Rutledge, at all.  But the need is obvious for everyone to get a handle on what’s going on here.  He said it’s been 90 days since we’ve had accurate information to work with; Finance Chair Jim Meyer was asked to get county auditor Hope Wheeler to the full board meeting next week to explain what’s what.  Copas said “we’re waiting and getting no where.”

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