Iroquois County Board OK’s Resolution setting Sheriff’s Salary

The sheriff’s salary was approved (Tuesday) by the Iroquois County Board. It meets the state statute for the future of the salary. It takes effect December 1.

The Board had set the salary in April, but new standards set in place by State now finds county government adjustments made -- because the sheriff’s pay can’t be less than 80% of the State’s Attorney ‘s pay.

The State will pay the sheriff’s 66 and 2/3rd’s of the annual salary, refunded to the County (like it does for the S-A).

Grundy County S-A Jason Helland further states, county government will be saving money. He said the new law is part of the Police Reform Bill …… >>>>>>

State’s Attorney’s pay won’t be set until July, so sheriff salaries may have to be adjusted accordingly.

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