Iroquois County Board policy committee suggests new direction for Public Health Dept.

After a Special meeting of the Policy & Procedure committee (Tuesday), Iroquois County officials are suggesting a change in leadership at the Iroquois County Public Health Dept.
The recommended termination of Eric Ceci’s employment will be forwarded to the county's Board of Health, which oversees the health department. The Board of Health isn't scheduled to meet again until July 1.

Board of Health President Dr. Philip Zumwalt said the matter will be taken up by the Health Board. Zumwalt met in executive session with the P & P committee – after Tuesday’s regular County Board meeting.

Following the closed session --- no details about the discussion, only that concerns about management and leadership will be considered by the Health Board.

Employees of the health department have voiced concerns for several months.  Their issues have been presented to the Board of Health members at past meetings.  Some of the employees says their concerns have fallen on deaf ears.  Their issues made their way before the County Board; the Policy & Procedure committee taking up the issue.

County Board Chairman John Shure explains the Board of Health agreed to have the County Board deal with the issues because the Board of Health does not have its own policy plan. 

Five members of the County Board’s P & P committee talked with Dr. Zumwalt about concerns with operations of the public health department.

County Chairman Shure voted against the termination motion made by Paul Ducat and seconded by Charlie Alt.  The 2-1 vote passed while P & P members Lyle Behrends and Jed Whitlow abstained. Michael McTaggart was not present for the meeting.

Behrends was just appointed to the Health Board to fill a vacancy, opting to abstain.

The Health Board, which Dr. Zumwalt chairs, also includes: V-P LuAnn Armantrout, Brenda Burnett, Jolene Foster, Dr. Rod Yergler and Dr. Aravind Reddy. Behrends fills one of two vacancies.

The Health Board scheduled to meet July 1 at 6 pm at the Adm Center.

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