Iroquois County Board will Explore Financial Guidance >

In light of ongoing struggles to get a handle on finances, the Iroquois County Board today (Tues) OK’d a finance committee recommendation to explore the hiring of a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), preferably with government experience.

County Board Chairman Ron Schroeder appointed board members Dale Schultz, Jim Meyer, Susan Wyn-Bence and Kyle Anderson to begin the process of seeing if that ideal person is out there – to help part-time board members get a better-understanding of the process.

Finance committee member Rod Copas this is not pointing blame on anyone; it’s just a call to find someone iwht the background to help get a handle on the money matters that’ve been such a  struggle.  Copas said “it’s been a good 90 days or more since we’ve had accurate information to work with.’

Schroeder, Meyer, and Copas made it real clear, Data Processing Director Angela Rutlege’s job is secure; no need for her to worry.   {Rutledge underwent surgery today following a heart attack this past week}

Copas also praised employee Mary Ann Molnar in Data Processing for “a yeoman effort in working overtime to assist with making payroll deadlines” during a difficult time this past week.

Finance Chair, Meyer, assured all concerned this exploratory effort for a CPA would help a everyone.  He said the financial expert could assist all departments, including the board chairman and budget committee in helping to understand the budget process.


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