The Iroquois County Board has called a special meeting for 8am Monday

The Iroquois County Board Chairman has scheduled a special meeting for 8 am Monday.The meeting is for removing and replacing three Iroquois County members of the Ford-Iroquois Public Health Department Board.

The special meeting comes on the heels of Tuesday’s regular County Board meeting when a flaw in the wording of the agenda didn’t allow a vote to replace the three members, who were asked to resign, but refused.

A 20-year volunteer veteran of the Board of Health, Diane Clatterbuck stated she nor the other board members have done anything wrong to merit resigning.

Supporters of the health department are quietly voicing their opposition to what they call “a vindictive agenda against the health board by Chairman Copas and his supporters. Rod Copas has been outspoken in efforts to have them replaced since the health department announced plans to provide home health care services in neighboring Indiana. Copas says the board has no legal authority to operate out of state.

Copas has since listed several problem areas in how the health board operates and he’s questioned budget matters and purchases, which the health board says are all justified and passed inspections by auditors.

Copas wanted a vote Tuesday to remove Dr. Alexander Michalow and nurses Diane Clatterbuck and Jill Kaeb. Clatterbuck and Kaeb have said they would not resign.

Monday's special meeting convenes at 8 am in the county board room of the Clifford Bury Administration Center in Watseka.


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