Iroquois Management Committee Moves Forward on Phone System Upgrade

It’s labeled a $70,000 cost, but could lead to a savings of $1,300 a month.  Iroquois County appears to be geared for a county-wide telephone system upgrade.

The County Board’s Management committee (Tues) OK’d Ruder Communication Technologies to work up specs for a project that’ll call for re-wiring and equipment.  Consolidating equipment data is expected to eliminate an archaic phone system that’s led to mis-labeled phone lines and billing problems.

Ford-Iroquois Public Health Administrator Doug Corbett has identified mislabeled connections have resulted in about $19,000 in overbilling.

The phone upgrade would provide for a single county phone bill instead of individual department vouchers.  An inter-office system would also link courthouse, administrative center office and other county offices in separate buildings.

Specs for the work may be ready by mid-April.  Bids would be due April 30th.


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