Kankakee County: Input wanted on use of American Rescue Plan Monies

A series of Monday meetings begins next Monday, July 19, in Kankakee County. Board Chairman Andy Wheeler wants community input on how federal COVID relief money should be used.  The county is getting $21.3 million in relief money over the next two years. There are strict guidelines on how the money can be spent. It’s designed to help what’s been impacted by the pandemic.

Chairman Wheeler told his Executive Committee a layered legislative-approach welcomes input from all, including the public ……..

Wheeler said it’s important to get all input. “There’s rules how we spend the money, but nothing’s a bad idea,” he said. “It’s a legislative process on whether ideas meet the rules and community leaders can organize priorities. >>>>>>

The first subcommittee meeting is at 9 am Monday in the County Board Room. The Meetings are every other Monday and are limited to one-hour.

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