Meetings to seek help with ARPA >

Iroquois County has set up an American Rescue Plan Act Fund (ARPA) committee. And meetings will be scheduled, inviting individuals and agencies, to gather input on how best to use federal monies coming to government. The County Board has an informational packet in hand to review policies and procedures to put the already-approved $5.4 million dollars allocated from the federal government in the right hands.

Chairman John Shure informed Board members $2.7 million has been received to date. The second half of the $5.4 million won’t come until next year.

Shure said input from the upcoming meetings will help determine what’s eligible under the ARPA guidelines as to how COVID relief money could benefit the county.

The ARPA rules have established guidelines to use the relief money. The October 29 meeting at 9 am will be among a series of Friday morning meetings to collect suggestions. Public input is stressed.

Meetings are also seeking citizen input in the City of Kankakee and for Kankakee County.

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