Missing St. Anne Woman Found Safe

Authorities in St. Anne report the good news concerning a missing 25-year-old woman.  Katelynn Marie Contreras was found Thursday night.  She was found by a St. Anne police officer in a wooded area near St. Anne High School. 

The Hispanic, autistic woman was being checked out at a Kankakee hospital, but appeared to be OK, according to Polcie Chief Henry David.

Katelynn had been the subject of a search since she walked away from her St. Anne home, last seen September 29.  She lives in the community with her father and step-mother.

Several police and fire agencies had been involved in a search for the woman last weekend.  The search was scaled-down this week with reports that Katelynn was seen in the immediate area over the last few days. 

St. Anne Police and Fire and the community are extending a special thanks to all who assisted in the search.  Officer Doug Duncan of the St. Anne Police Department spent several hours and days assisting Katelynn's family.

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