Riverside Opens New, Modernized Emergency Department

Riverside Healthcare has opened the doors to the next generation of emergency medicine with the completion of phase one of the emergency department renovation.

“The community deserves to have the latest in emergency medicine innovations,” said Riverside President and CEO Phil Kambic. “From technology and equipment to patient flow and process improvement, our team has looked at all aspects of care in the emergency room and we have re-engineered that space to be able to provide state-of-the-art care.”

The first major change patients will notice is the new patient-only entrance, located by the A Entrance (South Entrance) of the hospital. The ambulance canopy is now for ambulances only. This feature enhances safety and security for patients as well as EMS personnel and emergency department staff.

With 35 patient care areas, Riverside’s new emergency department is better equipped to meet the needs of the community. Patient privacy was a priority in the new design and now each patient room in Riverside’s new emergency department is private. There are also two consult rooms for families awaiting news about their loved ones. The new layout features six rapid assessment rooms to address minor procedures such as blood draws, stitches, and other less extreme cases, which improves efficiency of patient flow.

Improved care for treating survivors of sexual assault was also part of the new design with a special treatment room with increased privacy including a private bathroom and shower.

“When patients come to Riverside’s emergency department, we want them to know that they are being treated with respect and dignity throughout their experience,” Kambic said.

Technology in the new emergency department is also a focal point. Each patient room has an outer screen alerting emergency department staff members of any special concerns regarding the patient's care, including fall risk, or allergies. The new emergency department also has the capability to become a negative pressure space to prevent the spread of airborne diseases like COVID-19 or the flu, which can spread rapidly if left unchecked.

In Phase 2 of the emergency department project, expected to be completed later this year, there will be the addition of behavioral health rooms which can be converted to address any mental health concerns in a secure and safe environment for patients. Mental health is a growing concern in our community, and the addition of these rooms will help Riverside better serve these patients.

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