Supreme Court Order: Allow electronic devices in the Courtroom

How about cellphone use in the Courthouse ? It’s happening – per a Supreme Court Order. And some say problems could arise. Individual courthouses will need to put together their own directives on how to handle the order.

The chief judge of the 21st Circuit addressed the Criminal Justice Committee of Kankakee County (Wed). Judge Thomas Cunnington is just a few days into his role as Chief Judge for Kankakee and Iroquois Counties….  "The High Court issued the directive, pointing to a need for portable devices," the judge said.  "Reasons include  allowing litigants to record future court dates on their device and for evidence to be presented in court."

The high-court order came down last Friday. Concerns are already quite obvious. Bad or ill-conceived communication among jurors is the picture being painted. Each courthouse will put together its own plan. Only attorneys are currently allowed to carry a cellphone inside the courthouse.

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