Talk of new health board forming for Iroquois County

Details are very vague, almost non-existent. But there's talk of a new arrangement for public health in Iroquois County.

The Iroquois County Board may hear about another county showing interest in forming a health board in conjunction with Iroquois. That from Iroquois County Board chairman Rod Copas. He told the Policy & Procedure committee (Thurs) there's another county interested in combing efforts with Iroquois County.

No other information was revealed.

Differences between the Iroquois and Ford County over operations at the Ford-Iroquois Public Health Department in Watseka and Paxton have stirred enough rift that the two county governments are at a stalemate in regards to the position of Health Administrator Doug Corbett.

The Iroquois County Board voted to recommend Corbett be removed from his post. The Ford County Board Chairman Rick Bowen insists there's nothing so wrong to call for Corbett's removal.

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