The Kentland Area Chamber of Commerce (KACC) announces its dissolution.

A meeting on Thursday, April 14, 2022 showed little or no interest in future chamber activities, so the board of directors voted to dissolve the Kentland Chamber.  All members of the Chamber were invited to discuss the future of the Chamber. Just one member and a quorum for the Chamber Board of Directors were present. With the one present member, the quorum of the Board of Directors, Kentland Area Chamber of Commerce discussed the future.

It had been previously announced to all members that nominations were needed for the Board of Directors as the entire Board, several of whom served on the KACC Board for well over 20 years, were all stepping down. No nominees were offered from any members and only one KACC member attended the meeting. A quorum of KACC Board Members (Roberta Dewing, Marlene Sondgerath, Curt Puetz, Debby Shufflebarger, Selena Gregory, and Courtney Jones) were present. Without a new Board available, it was put to a vote to dissolve the Kentland Area Chamber of Commerce. All were in favor. The motion to dissolve the Kentland Area Chamber of Commerce passed.

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