Vulcan Quarry explains loud boom: “an engineered blast”

That loud boom heard by people in Kankakee County Wednesday was the result of “an engineered blast” at the Vulcan Quarry in Lehigh. Lehigh is some 16 miles west of Kankakee. Several calls questioning the loud boom were directed to the KanComm communications center.

The quarry is located 16 miles west of downtown Kankakee.

Radio dispatchers received several calls from citizens wanting to know what the boom was all about ?

A spokesperson at the Vulcan Quarry said (Thursday) the boom was what the company refers to as a “shoot, a routine blast,” the company monitoring readings to comply with the state’s safe blasting limits.

Telecommunicators at KanComm started receiving calls of a loud boom at about 10:30 in the morning. 

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