Walker Place Farms approved, again, to manage Iroquois County Farm

A new 3-year contract was approved to have Walker Farms Management handle farming operations on Iroquois County farm ground around the Administrative Center in Watseka. Walker’s Place acceptable bid is $380 an acre. There’s just under 400 acres that’s farmed.

Other bidders, like Trevor & Wyatt Froeling, questioned the unlevel playing field in the bidding process, in that not everyone is privy to yield information and fertilizer costs. Yet others said they weren’t aware bids were to be submitted. Board Chairman John Shure explained the previous flaws are something the County can take a look at for future plans. 
The County Board contract calls for that information. Shure said that info should be included, but it’s not a reason not to submit a bid.

Board members John Zumwalt and Kevin Bohlmann were among the five members voting No to award Walker Place the winning bid. Zumwalt said it’s about finding the best person to do the job . Bohlmann said the necessary information wasn’t provided. And the bottom line is that Walker Place didn’t meet the contract specs.

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