WGFA Radio Spelling Contest

Twenty-one young 5th and 6th grade students compete today (Friday) at the 55th WGFA Iroquois County Spelling Contest.  The Spelling Bee airs just after 10 am from the Unit Nine Administrative Center in Watseka.  WGFA morning host John Roberts presents the words.

Last year's defending spelling champion, Casimer Frey of Donovan, will look to repeat.  Three others are returning contestants. 

Contestants include:  Jonah Yergler, Amelia Hodel and Tara Krumweide, and Kameron Ball of Cissna Park.  Steven Statchura and Ella Schluetter represent St. John's School at Buckley.  Avery Martinez and Oseolawa (Emmanuel) Fasakin are 6th graders from Milford Elementary School.  Ellie Rabe is a contestant from Crescent City.  

Joining Casimer Frey from Donovan is Liam Statler.  Henry Wagner and Kipten Steiner of St. Paul's Lutheran at Woodworth are joined by four others from Iroquois West District #10, Atsian Alvarado, Chase Honeycutt, Jovie Herscher and Alia DeVous.  Four Watseka students include Caleb Chaney, Addison Morris, C.J. Avalos and Caleb Mustered. 

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