Wireless Phone Service, Internet Connections Re-stored in Iroquois County

A fibre-optic cable was cut near St. Anne Wednesday eliminating communication services in Iroquois County and much of the surrounding area, including Indiana.  Work crews spent much of the day and evening tracing the problem area.  Service was restored about 2 am (Thursday).

Internet connections and wireless phone service was unavailable.  Radio traffic for emergency responders was also slowed.  However, Iroquois County's 9-1-1 Center did have access to 911 callers and dispatch was able to reach first-responders.  Those in need were encouraged to dial 911, even though their phone service was limited.

The impact of the lost service was observed about 1 pm and backup operations were in place.  The loss of service impacted not only 911 but also regular non-emergency lines, cell phones and internet services. 

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